FAQ: Ticket Sale

1. Purchasing process

Can I also purchase tickets for persons with the same name?

If they are not the same person, there is no restriction on purchasing tickets. If an attempt to purchase tickets is unsuccessful because of this, please contact our Customer Service .

What happens after I have made my order?

If you have submitted your order online, you have to print out your ticket. If you experience any problem in relation to your order, please contact our Customer Service .

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order at any time before pressing the ‘Pay’ button. Once the ‘Pay’ button has been pressed, however, you have purchased the ticket and have entered into a contract in which, on the basis of Government Decree 17/1999. (II.5.) 1. §. (4) b) the right to withdraw your order does not apply.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Payment by debit- or credit card is currently supported. Accepted cards are MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron and American Express (AMEX).

What should I do if I encounter a problem on the meccsjegy.mlsz.hu website?

If you notice any problem in relation to the webshop please contact our Customer Service .

What should I do if I encounter a problem when purchasing tickets?

If the problem occurred during payment, make sure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment, then attempt your purchase again. If your account has been debited but your purchase has been unsuccessful, please contact our Customer Service and we shall reimburse the mistakenly debited amount.

If payment was successful but you haven’t received any tickets or you were unable to print out your ticket, please contact customer service. If you give the date, time, match, ticket type, price and your personal data, customer service will be able to identify the transaction and shall send you your ticket(s) by e-mail in PDF format or make your ticket downloadable in your online account.

Can I pay by card in the ticket office?

This depends on the given ticket office. Please ask before purchasing at the office in question.

Where can I buy tickets for a Puskás Arena match?

If you would like to buy a ticket for a match at Puskás Arena, please click here.

2. Security and data protection

Is my debit- and credit card information handled securely?

Yes. Security of payments by cards is guaranteed by the OTB Bank’s / OTP Simple’s / CIB Bank’s secure payment systems. The whole payment process is carried out using a secure HTTPS connection. Naturally neither the MLSZ nor the match organiser may access your card data.

Which information about me is stored?

In case of name-specific ticket purchase the match organiser shall manage your personal data in accordance with the Law on Sport and in adherence of the Law on Data Protection. Your personal data is automatically deleted from the system after three working days after the match. For details, please see the Privacy Policy menu.

What happens if my friend – due to being otherwise engaged – transfers a ticket in their name to me? Can I enter the stadium using this ticket?

No. The Law on Sport stipulates that in order to gain entry to the stadium you must possess a ticket in your name. Stewards may request for you to verify your ID at the stadium entrances. If your ticket is in the name of another person, you shall be denied entry.

If the ticket was purchased online, the ticket purchaser (that is, not necessarily the person whose name appears on the ticket) has the possibility to change the name appearing on the ticket by pressing the ‘Exchange tickets’ button under the ‘My purchases’ menu, only if the organizer allows this.

If the ticket was purchased at a ticket office, the person whose name appears on the ticket can request, at the office where the ticket was purchased, that the ticket be changed. Only the name appearing on the ticket may change; all other data will remain unchanged. The ticket office or match organiser may charge a handling fee for doing so. Please ask for details with the match organiser.

For anonymous tickets, anyone can enter the ticket (subject to the general rules).

When do I have the possibility to change the name appearing on a ticket?

When do I have the possibility to change the name appearing on a ticket?

When the name-specific ticket purchasing is obligatory?

On football matches covered by the Law on Sports (Act I of 2004) and Government Decree 54/2004. (III.31.) on the safety and security of sports events, the name-specific ticket purchasing is obligatory on outstanding security risk matches, or on enhanced security risk matches covered by the unique decision of the Police on the proposal of the Qualifying Committee, or on matches ordered by the MLSZ Disciplinary Committee. In all other cases, the Organiser (in consultation with the visitor team) decides on its own competence about the name-specific ticket purchase and the usage of the club cards.

When the use of club card or Football card is obligatory?

The sports organization is entitled to require its fans in case of name-specific ticket purchase to buy tickets and season tickets only with a club card / Football card, or this obligation may be waived.

This decision can be regulated separately by the sports organization in the case of buying tickets and season tickets on the Internet (on-line) or personally at cash desks.

What should I do if the ticket system says that I have already bought a ticket for my name?

Check if you have a season ticket that valid for this match also. Also, make sure you haven't bought a ticket for this match before and you forget it, or you have accidentally selected a bad match now or during a previous purchase. Also, make sure your relatives and friends have not purchased a ticket for you (eg for a surprise). If you are certain that an unknown person has used your personal data, please notify the organizer or contact our Customer Service no later than 12 noon on the third working day following the match.

3. Registration and access

Why and how do I register?

You can only purchase tickets using the system if you are a registered user; this is why you need to register before making your first purchase.

Can I register twice using the same e-mail address?

No. For security reasons it isn’t possible to register twice using the same e-mail address.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service.

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