Sales Terms

General Contractual Terms (GCT) (as known as Sales Terms) for the electronic central ticket sales system available at site and operated by the Hungarian Football Federation

Dear User,

You wish to use the electronic central ticket sales system operated by the Hungarian Football Federation (”Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség”, hereinafter referred to as “MLSZ” or “Operator”). By making use of the application you may purchase tickets (hereinafter: Entry ticket) electronically for matches within the competition system of the MLSZ, as well as other football matches both in Hungary and abroad, in accordance with the following.

1. General Provisions

The Operator, as the operator of the web-based service, is strictly responsible for the continuous running and reliability of the page and application; its responsibility does not stretch to cover the holding of the matches related to the purchased tickets, the venues or other conditions or happenings related to the holding of matches – whether these derive from the match organisers or another third party.

The current General Contractual Terms (hereinafter: GCT) set out the relevant terms and conditions for using the Service for the purchase of Entry Tickets, between the Operator, the natural person using the internet system and the person using the ticket (hereinafter: “the User”; together referred to as “the Parties”), in addition to the rights and obligations between the Parties.

2. Acceptance of the GCT

During online purchase the User, with the purchase, accepts the conditions of the contract related to the Service and simultaneously the provisions of the current GCT. With the establishment of the contract, the User declares that they are familiar with and accept as binding the terms of the current GCT, that they shall inform further Users affected by the ticket purchasing and furthermore about the necessary data management in the GCT required for making use of the Service, that they are authorised to purchase tickets within the scope set out in the relevant data management policy, authorised to manage the personal data of the third party, and possess the necessary authorisation for the forwarding of such data to the data manager.

The User acknowledges that the notices under the Privacy Policy menu point serve to provide detailed information on the management of personal data.

3. Relationship between the Operator, the Organiser and the User

With respect to services above and beyond the purchasing of Entry tickets, that is, the actual organising of a match, the User comes into a legal service contract with the match organisers (hereinafter: Organiser). The Operator does not participate in the organising or holding of the match, their activities and responsibility being strictly limited to the sale of Entry tickets. Insofar as Entry tickets are sold under commission by the Organiser through another legal person or economic entity (hereinafter: Ticket Agent), the services provided by the Ticket Agent and the Organiser, as well as their responsibility thereof, shall deviate. The organising of the match as advertised is the responsibility of the Organiser. In accordance with this, the Entry ticket constitutes a contract between the Organiser (in the instance of a sporting event being held abroad, the collaborating local sports club or federation, the Organiser) and the User, in which the Organiser undertakes to organise the Match, and independently, in the instance of a match being held abroad jointly with the collaborating local sports club or federation, set out the conditions for purchase of an Entry ticket. The User, meanwhile, by paying the value of the Entry ticket, accepts the conditions set out by the Organiser independently or (in the event of a match being held abroad with the collaboration of the local sports club or federation), jointly with the sports club or federation collaborating in the organisation of the event.

With respect to the fact that within the electronic ticket sales system the User may buy tickets for matches organised by different sports clubs and societies, in the event of a successful purchase the User enters into a contract with the below legal persons (sports club, economic society) where the User purchases a ticket for a match held under their organisation and in purchasing the ticket – in the instance of name-specific ticket purchasing – consents to the forwarding of the affected person’s personal data to the Organiser (and in the event of a sporting event being held abroad, also to the sports club or federation collaborating in the organising of the event). These sports clubs and federations may be the following: Balmazújváros Sport Kft., Diósgyőr FC Kft., DVSC Futball Szervező Zrt., Fehérvár FC Kft., FTC Labdarúgó Zrt., Gyirmót FC Kft., Győri ETO FC Kft., Honvéd FC Kft., Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC Kft., MTK Budapest Zrt., Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC Kft., Paksi Futball Club Kft., PMFC-SPORT Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft., Puskás Futball Klub Kft., Soproni Vasutas Futball Kft., Szombathelyi Haladás Labdarúgó és Sportszolgáltató Kft., Újpest 1885 Futball Kft., Vasas Futball Club Kft., VÁRDA Labdarúgó Kft., ZTE Football Club Zrt., Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség (MLSZ).

The User acknowledges that the Organiser (in the instance of a match being held away or abroad, the collaborating sports club or federation) may restrict the purchase of an Entry ticket to those with a club card or non-club affiliated Football-card.

The User acknowledges that the purchase of a ticket is only one precondition for attending the given match. Above and beyond this, the User is obligated to adhere to the provisions set out under the Ground Regulations menu, and, in the instance of another Organiser, adhere to the ground regulations set out in the usual manner or via the internet.

The Organiser (in the instance of a match being held abroad or away from home the local sports club or federation), may decide to provide the User with a voucher instead of an Entry ticket and, at a place close to the match venue and prior to the match, at a set time and following the checking of the personal data of the User, hand over the Entry ticket to the User.

Name-specific entry tickets and vouchers are not transferrable once issued without changing the personal data.

We would like to draw to your attention that match tickets, season tickets and vouchers assigned to a person cannot be reassigned after being issued.

Should the sporting event be postponed, be held behind closed doors or in front of a reduced capacity, the value of the Entry ticket shall be reimbursed by the Organiser (in many cases the home club) within three working days in the instance of sporting events being held in Hungary, either at the stadium ticket office or at the place of purchase.

Should the sporting event be abandoned, the Entry ticket shall be valid for the replayed match. Except in exceptional circumstances, there is no method for the value of the Entry ticket to be reimbursed. In the instance of sporting events being held abroad, the reimbursement conditions set out by the local Organiser shall be valid.

The Organiser’s liability insurance covers only and exclusively that person whose personal data are printed on the ticket or season ticket in the case of name-specific ticket purchasing, or if tickets are sold anonymously, who validly entered the stadium with that ticket or season ticket.

4. Contract language, scope of the GCT effect

The agreement between the Parties is established in the language of choice and, in the instance of dispute, in the Hungarian language. The current scope of the GCT is not limited to the territory of Hungary.

5. Modifications to the GCT

The Operator shall inform the User and the User expressly acknowledges that the Operator is entitled to unilaterally modify the GTC. In case of modification of the GTC, the Operator shall notify the User of the changes by publishing them on

6. Registration

It is a precondition for online purchasing of tickets that the ticket-purchasing User is registered. Following on from the registration a user account is created for the ticket-purchasing User, through which the purchasing of tickets may be carried out.

In registering, the User acknowledges that they bear full responsibility for the username and password connected to the user account in addition to every purchase and other activity carried out via the account. The User undertakes to immediately inform the Operator about any unauthorised use or other form of security breach. The Operator shall not be liable for any damages deriving from the password being stored or the username and password being given over by the User to a third party.

The Operator shall not be liable in any way for damage deriving from incorrect or false data or e-mail addresses being provided during the purchase. Accordingly, The Operator shall be responsible for appropriately carrying out the due processes based on the data provided by the User. The User has the possibility to check and modify their data at any time. The Operator is entitled to delete obviously incorrect or false data and, in the instance of doubt, is entitled to check the authenticity of the User.

7. Constent to Data Management

The User gives their consent that the data given by them may be used by the Operator in the interest of performing the contract. They furthermore agree that this data shall, within the framework of the relevant data protection and legal provisions, be forwarded to the Organisers concerned. Data protection regulations related to the purchase of tickets and entry into the stadium shall be contained in separate information bulletins.

The ticket-purchasing User, insofar as they are also purchasing an Entry ticket which contains the data of a third party, shall hand over to the Operator and the Organiser the personal data of the third party and is thus required to inform the third party about management of their data in accordance with the Data Management Information notice found under the Privacy Policy menu point. In such instances the Organiser, in the event of a match being held away or abroad with a sports institution collaborating in the organising of the match, may request the e-mail address of the third party and manage such data until such time as consent is revoked.

8. Scope of the Operator’s Service and liability

1. The User acknowledges that due to the nature of the Internet the System’s continuous and unbroken operation may, despite the prior knowledge and intent of the Operator, be interrupted. Thus, the Operator does not guarantee that the possible unwarranted interruption of access to the Service does not derive from activities carried out or omitted by the Operator.

2. In the interest of maintenance of the related website or due to other security considerations, the Operator is entitled to partially or completely interrupt the Service without prior notification.

3. The Operator does not undertake any responsibility for information or content related to the individual Matches on the Service website, especially with respect to information acquired from the Organisers.

4. The Operator shall only be responsible for damages deriving from purposeful or serious negligence attributed to them. The responsibility for damages shall not exceed the value of the purchase transaction.

5. The User acknowledges that the Operator shall not be liable in any way for damages or abuse which arise during or as a consequence of payment by bank card.

6. The Operator shall not be subject to any liability for damages caused by activities or the omission thereof of the User, the Organiser or a third party which is in breach of the contract or of the law.

7. The User acknowledges that insofar as they purchase a ticket for the sector(s) reserved for opposing supporters, or for sector(s) not reserved for away supporters, the Organiser shall be obliged to take measures in the interest of supporter segregation and deny entry based on Law I on Sport of 2004, or, in the event of a match being held outside the borders of Hungary, the given country’s or the relevant European or international federation’s regulations.

8. The Operator shall not be liable for any measures taken or procedures against the User due to non-adherence to the regulations set out above, to the ground regulations, or for any other reason, or for any event out within the scope of the Operator which render the performance of the Service impossible.

9. Operator details

Name: Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség
Name: 1112 Budapest, Kánai út 2/D.
Tax number: 19020848-2-43
E-mail address:
Telephone: +36 1 577 9500
Fax: +36 1 577 9503, +36 1 577 9504
Postal address: 1386 Budapest 62. Pf. 906/1

Thank you for reading this informative notice.

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