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On the electronic central ticket sales system available at site and operated by the Hungarian


Purchasing tickets

You wish to use the electronic central ticket purchasing system operated by the Hungarian Football Federation (‘Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség’, hereinafter referred to as “MLSZ” or “Operator”). By making use of the application you may purchase tickets (hereinafter: Entry ticket) electronically for matches within Hungary or abroad.

You will find information on football matches taking place in Hungary and abroad as well as the tickets available for these matches on the MLSZ Central Ticket Sales system website. You can also indicate where in the stadium holding the match you would like to take a seat (purchase a ticket), and in case of name-specific ticket purchasing after providing your personal data or club card /or Football card data, or in case of anonymous ticket purchasing without providing your personal data you may immediately purchase the ticket by bank card providing you are not subject to a football banning order according to the Sports Safety and Security Database (‘Sportrendészeti Nyilvántartás’, hereinafter: “SRNY”), the register of banned individuals operated by the police.

If you would like to buy a ticket for a match at Puskás Arena, please click here.

Technical requirements

The MLSZ webshop pages can be accessed using up-to-date PC web browsers. The webshop pages work best with Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox (20+ versions), Chrome, Opera (9+ versions) and Safari browsers. With some mobile devices certain elements of the webshop do not appear in their correct form. Cookies must be enabled in your browser.

The webshop uses a 256-bit algorithm (SHA256) for encryption which certain operating systems and browsers do not support. Certain older operating systems – Windows XP Service Pack 2 or older (e.g. Windows 2000) – do not support the use of 256-bit encryption. On such operating systems only Firefox browser can be used (it supports this kind of encryption irrespective of the operating system). We recommend that you install the Service Pack 3 update to a Windows XP system (this is otherwise recommended for your PC from a security perspective).


Only registered users may purchase tickets. After selecting the ticket(s) you wish to purchase as well as the method of receipt,

  • registered users must sign-in using their account name and password, or
  • new users must register.

Should you be a new visitor to the site, registration shall take place after selection of the ticket(s) and placement of them in your basket. Registration requires you to provide the following information:

  • E-mail address (mandatory): this shall be your ID when signing in. The e-mail address must be unique; thus the system shall only accept an address which no one else has already entered.
  • Password (mandatory): as well as your e-mail address, this password must be provided the next time you use the website. It must consist of a minimum of four characters.
  • Name (mandatory)
  • Telephone number
  • Whether or not you wish to receive an e-mail reminder prior to the match (when purchasing a season ticket this will be sent prior to every match). You can specify how many days prior to the match you would like to receive the e-mail. (If you specify 0 days the e-mail shall arrive on the morning of the match)
  • Billing details (mandatory) – provision of a billing name and address are mandatory. Please make sure to enter the correct details which should appear on the bill as this cannot be corrected later.

Should the system not accept your e-mail address during registration it is worth requesting a password reminder with the “Forgotten password” function. After signing in, you can view your purchase history under the Personal data/My purchases menu.

Step-by-step guide to purchasing tickets

Only registered users may purchase tickets using the system, you can register here prior to your first purchase.

The purchasing of tickets consists of the following main steps:

  • The desired match can be selected from under the All Matches menu.
  • Ticket selection can be made by clicking on the stadium plan or alternatively using the ticket suggestion mechanism which suggests the best tickets available based on the given request. If the ticket is not for a specific seat (e.g. for a standing area) you simply have to provide the number of tickets requested.
  • Placing the selected tickets in your shopping basket.
  • Signing in if you are a registered user or registration if you are a first-time user, followed by selecting the payment method and method of receipt.
  • In case of name-specific ticket purchasing providing the data of your club card or Football card (card number and PIN code) or personal data. If you do not have such a card please click here for details on how to get one.
  • Online payment by bank card. Further details about online payment
  • After your purchase is complete you will receive an e-Ticket which you need to print out.

The MLSZ webshop provides e-Tickets only; there is no way to obtain tickets in person or via the post.

We do not charge any extra fees on top of the value of the ticket.

Match selection

By clicking on the All Matches menu you can access a list of every match available in the system. Should you wish to access the list of one (organising) club’s home matches, you can do so by clicking on the desired club badge on the main page.

The coloured icons denote whether tickets are available for the given match, name-specific ticket is mandatory or use of a Club Card is mandatory for the match.

Click on the line of the desired match.

Selecting tickets using the stadium plan

You can select the tickets you want by clicking on the stadium plan. This function does not work with older internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9). If your browser version is not suitable, you can select the desired ticket(s) as suggested by the system and place them in your shopping basket. If the ticket is not for a specific place (e.g. it is for a standing area) you simply have to provide the number and type (for example, a concessionary) of tickets required.

By default, in a ticket purchase session you can buy maximum of 10 tickets at once. Nevertheless, the Organizer can change this setting for any individual match.

Navigating the stadium plan

Zoom In/Zoom Out: click and drag on the navigation bar in the top-left corner or scroll using your mouse roller above the diagram of the tribune. By enlarging the spectator area the seat rows become visible.

Moving Up/Down and Left/Right: click on the grey arrows in the top-left corner or click and drag (that is, on the desired spectator area, keeping your mouse button pressed down and moving your mouse).

Glossary of terms

  • Green: available seats. The green shadow signifies the ticket price, the darker the shade the higher the price category (please see the explanation on the left of the window).
  • Red: reserved, already sold.
  • Blue: your selected seat.

  • Available ticket: The number of tickets available at the time of making a purchase is shown. Multiple fans can begin the process of buying a ticket at any one time, so it's possible that the seat or standing tickets are no longer available because other customers have already purchased the remaining tickets in the system in the meantime.
  • Selected ticket: Tickets selected by the buyer and/or placed in the shopping basket. The number of available tickets will be reduced by the number of tickets here.
  • Reserved ticket: Tickets already selected by others, placed in their shopping basket or already sold. This number may continually change due to more than one person purchasing tickets in the system at the same time.
  • Places reserved for those needing to use wheelchairs: In every football stadium the organisers of the given match shall designate the places reserved for spectators in wheelchairs. For further information we ask that you contact the stadium organisers or the MLSZ Customer Service.

Selecting your ticket

If, on the stadium plan, you hold the mouse cursor over a given sector, the sector name, the necessary club card conditions (optional), and the numbers of available and selected tickets shall appear.

Click on the desired sector on the stadium plan to zoom in, or zoom in manually to the desired sector. The sector name will appear on the left above the diagram. Information on the kind of card required by the organiser will appear to the left of the diagram, as well as a picture showing the view of the pitch from the given sector (optional).

Selecting the desired seat: click on the green seat block. By clicking a second time on the seat will be deselected. In the bottom-left corner you can view the number of tickets available and their prices for the given match.

  • Concession: if different kinds of concessions are available when purchasing tickets, select the desired concession in the line on the left prior to clicking on the ticket. You may only select a concessionary ticket if you can prove you are entitled to it (e.g. a student ticket with a valid student ID).
  • To Cart button: clicking this places the selected tickets in your shopping basket, closes the stadium plan diagram and takes you to the shopping basket page.
  • Reject button: clicking this removes the selected ticket from your shopping basket.

Seats left free

You may not select tickets in a way so that seats beside (or between) them are left available. When you place the tickets in your shopping basket the system will examine whether any such seats have been left free and, if so, you will not be permitted to go further. A flashing yellow indicates such a seat. Please change your selection in such a way that no such seats remain on their own without a neighbouring seat taken, then continue your purchase using the To Cart button.

Ticket selection using offers

Request an offer: With this function the application offers you ticket options. This function only appears if you don’t have a suitable browser or, for other reasons, are unable to click on spectator area selection. If you click the Request an Offer button, a new line of text appears along the base of the stadium plan diagram. Select a price category, enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase, then click on the Offer button. The ticket(s) offered will appear in flashing blue.

You can select from the following options:

  • Accept button: accept the tickets offered.
  • Other: search for other tickets according to the previous price category and number of tickets.
  • Reject: reject the suggested tickets (they will not flash blue)
  • If you would like a ticket other than the one(s) suggested, you can select this by clicking appropriately.
  • Delete button: deletes every selected ticket.

Entering requests

By clicking on the Purchase text on the page of the given match, a page opens where you can select your desired tickets. Here, you generally have to enter two pieces of information:

  • How many tickets you wish to purchase,
  • The price of the desired ticket (this can also be a preferred price; if you select a price category the application will only suggest tickets from within that selected category).

Ticket Offers

By using the Next button, within a few seconds the application will search for those tickets which are:

  • still available,
  • satisfy the requested criteria,
  • situated together,
  • and are the best from among those available.

The ticket-sales system organises the given stadium seating plans in order of quality and selects the best possible tickets for you on the basis of this.

The text relating to the ticket (s) offered (sector, row, seat number) also appears on the stadium plan diagram. Your next options are as follows:

  • Put in Shopping basket button: places the tickets into your shopping basket so you can purchase them.
  • Request other button: If you aren’t satisfied with the suggested tickets, the application will suggest other ones matching the same criteria as previously requested. By continuing to click you can view all the available tickets. Should you wish to return to the first suggested tickets, press the New Search button.
  • Reject button: rejects the suggested tickets, does not place them in your shopping basket.
  • New Search button: if you aren’t satisfied with the suggested tickets and wish to modify your request settings, do so, then click this button.

If a suitable ticket is not found for the given request, you will be notified by the application. At such times it is worthwhile slightly modifying your request and trying again. Also, remember that the ticket-offer function only offers tickets situated next to each other. If, for example, you require four tickets and the application cannot satisfy your request, if two sets of two tickets beside each other would be satisfactory, request two tickets and once you have placed them in your shopping basket, request a further two. In such instances it is worthwhile checking the Most consecutive seats still free column, which shows the highest amount of available tickets in each price category situated beside each other.

Further Options

By clicking on the Advanced settings text, tickets can also be selected based on criteria other than number and price. This will be necessary when you have special demands or if you weren’t satisfied with the tickets first suggested and wish to adjust your request. You have the possibility of the following settings:

  • Row: Here you can write the row number. If you leave this field empty, the application will assign seats randomly. The application will only suggest tickets in the given row, should it find any.
  • End of row: If you check this field, the application will only suggest tickets located at the end of rows. This may be important to you for reasons of easy accessibility.

Payment method

You can pay for your tickets online using your bank card.

There is no possibility to pay upon delivery, via bank transfer or via any other payment methods.

By paying by bank card you can purchase tickets in comfort and securely. Online card payment is a banking service. Our homepage uses the OTP Bank and OTP Simple services (and optionally CIB Bank service). After providing your data you will arrive at the bank’s webpage where you may make the payment transaction – done via encrypted communication – using your bank card. This ensures that your card number cannot end up in the possession of any third parties – the MLSZ and the match’s organising club included.

Card types

The following cards can be used to purchase online:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron: payment online with VISA Electron is only possible if the card-issuing bank permits it. Please ask at your bank.
  • Maestro: online payment is only possible if the issuing bank permits it. If you wish to pay using Maestro, when selecting the payment service provider you must select OTP Bank.
  • American Express (AMEX): If you wish to pay by American Express, when selecting the payment service provider you must select OTP Bank as only their system supports it.

Card types

In the bank card data page the following data must be provided:

  • card number: generally consists of 16 digits, enter without spaces or hyphens,
  • card expiry date (in a separate field, with two digits for the year and two for the month),
  • card security code (the CVC2 code, 3 digits): on the back of Mastercard and VISA cards, the last three digits on the signature strip. If your card does not have this, please leave this field blank.
  • UCAF code (only on the CIB Bank page): a special code only used with certain Mastercards. If your card does not have a UCAF code, leave blank.

Upon completion of a successful payment the bank will issue a permission number which will appear on the Voucher page. We recommend that you save this page and keep it safe.

In the event of the payment transaction being unsuccessful you will receive an error message on our homepage which will appear based on the error code received from the banking service provider. For a more detailed explanation on errors related to bank cards or bank accounts please primarily contact your card-issuing bank , or in any general question contact contact our Customer Service ( Only the card-issuing bank will be able to provide exact information as to the reasons for any transaction being rejected.

Further information about bank card payment security

When you provide your bank card details your web browser connects directly to the bank server. This involves data transfer via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer, or by another name TLS, Transport Layer Security) accepted encryption procedure. The bank possesses a 2048-bit encryption code which protects the communication channel. This encryption method is currently used in the vast majority of electronic transactions. With the help of SSL/TLS, your web browser encrypts your bank card details prior to sending, thus the bank receives them in coded form, thereby rendering them inaccessible to unauthorised third parties.

Name-specific ticket purchasing

On football matches covered by the Law on Sports (Act I of 2004) and Government Decree 54/2004. (III.31.) on the safety and security of sports events, the name-specific ticket purchasing is obligatory in the following cases:

· on outstanding security risk matches,

· on enhanced security risk matches covered by the unique decision of the Police on the proposal of the Qualifying Committee,

· on matches ordered by the MLSZ Disciplinary Committee.

In all other cases, the Organiser (in consultation with the visitor team) decides on its own competence about the name-specific ticket purchase and the usage of the club cards.

In case of name-specific ticket purchasing, you are required to enter the name, date and place of birth, and optionaly mother’s maiden name.

The sports organization is entitled to require its fans in case of name-specific ticket purchase to buy tickets and season tickets only with a club card / Football card, or this obligation may be waived.

This decision can be regulated separately by the sports organization in the case of buying tickets and season tickets on the Internet (on-line) or personally at cash desks.

Please note that you only use club card / Football card details for people who have been authorized you to do so in advance, or only provide personal data of those who have given their prior consent!

For online ticket sales, the buyer can only buy in the webshop after registration, so - in case of misuse - information can be provided to the police to assist in identifying the identity of the ticket buyer (registered e-mail address, used IP address, bankcard data used for payment can be obtained from the payment bank).

For a match with the same personal data, only one ticket can be purchased by providing personal data or by entering a club card / Football card number. If you have a season ticket valid for a match, you can not buy a ticket for your own name for this match.

The organizer or the person selling tickets on behalf of the organizer has the right to determine the identity of the buyer/viewer on basis of an identity card upon the sale of ticket (voucher) or season ticket, and during the admission. Personal identification can be done by obliging the club card to be used for online ticketing, or during sales in ticket boxes and during admission it can be done by comparing the personal data shown in his/her official identity document or on his/her club card / Football card to the data printed on the ticket/season ticket.

If a sports organization decided to sell anonymous season tickets, please note that non-registered season tickets alone do not entitle you to enter the matches where the sports organization applies (or is obliged to use) name-specific ticket purchase. For these matches, the sport organization is obliged to issue free name-specific registration tickets to the season ticket holders.

Self-print ticket - e-ticket

An e-ticket purchased online is one which you need to print out yourself with your own printer following the purchase.

Therefore, this ticket does not have to be (and cannot be) collected at the ticket office prior to entering the stadium, thereby making entry into the match as quick and comfortable as possible.

Using the e-ticket

How does a ticket which anyone can print off at home, work? The validity of the e-ticket is always verified by the stadium entrance system when you enter the stadium. The barcode or QR code ensures that the ticket will work. Every ticket has a barcode or QR code (in character form, with a series of numbers and letters), which comprises the ticket’s own unique code with which it can be identified. The entrance system database holds a record of the valid codes. When entering the stadium, the entrance system reads the barcode or QR code in order to check whether or not the ticket is valid. This also ensures that it is only possible to enter the stadium once with one ticket.

If you have made a valid purchase but cannot show a ticket or give the code beside the barcode, you will not be able to enter the stadium.

Printing instructions

Use the best printer you can as the barcode or QR code reader can only interpret a high quality printout of the code.

You may print out your purchased ticket later, even from a different PC. By entering your account ID and password on the webpage and selecting the Personal data/My purchases menu, you can view your previous purchases and also download the ticket. You need to do the same if the first print-out has been destroyed or lost.

E-ticket security

By using the above functions it can happen that more than one copy of a ticket is made. Indeed, theoretically even more copies could be made by photocopy. The question arises of whether multiple versions of a ticket can be used, or if not, which copy will be the “real” one?

Naturally, the ticket can only be used once. That is, you can gain entry into the stadium via the first use of the ticket even if numerous copies have been made, but after this first usage the entrance system will deny any further entry and notify you that the ticket has already been used. Chronologically, the first use of the ticket will be valid, the later ones not, independent of which was the first copy to be printed or which one is a copy of the original.

We thus request that in your own interest you do not make further copies of your ticket. If by mistake you print the ticket off twice we recommend that in the interest of security you keep one copy and destroy the other. Any consequences or damages arising from the loss, theft, faulty printing or copying, or multiple printing of an e-ticket shall be borne by the purchaser.


After every purchase we issue an electronic invoice of the purchase which is sent to your e-mail address.

You should acknowledge that you shall only receive an electronic invoice for your purchase, and that the data on the invoice cannot be changed afterwards.

The electronic invoice comes in PDF format, and is a document electronically signed by the seller as well as date-stamped. The invoice can be viewed and printed out using PDF-reading software (Adobe Reader).

The invoice does not entitle you to enter the stadium.

SSL encryption

Your personal data is SSL (Secure Socket Layer, or by another name TLS, Transport Layer Security) encrypted when being transferred via our website between your web browser and the webshop server. Encryption takes place with a 2048-bit encryption key. This key is simultaneously a certificate which identifies its owner, MLSZ. The certificate is issued by NetLock Kft., as the authorised issuing authority. The certificate’s authenticity and the data recorded by NetLock can be found by clicking on the logo in the top-left corner. The encryption of our homepage begins when you sign in or enter your personal data. Encrypted communication is denoted by the coloured line found in the browser’s title bar, clicking on which may allow you to view the encrypted communication and certificate data.

You can verify the authenticity of our certificate by clicking on the picture below.

Certain older operating systems – Windows XP Service Pack 2 or older (e.g. Windows 2000) – do not support the use of 256-bit encryption (SHA256). On these operating systems use Firefox browser (Firefox supports this kind of encryption irrespective of the operating system). We recommend that you install the Service Pack 3 update to a Windows XP (this is otherwise recommended for your PC from a security perspective).

Your bank card details are similarly sent from your machine using SSL-encrypted communication, but these do not go to the webshop server but directly to the bank which is processing the card payment. The webshop pages are reached using a secure SSL-encrypted connection.

Data storage and protection

Any personal data you provide when making a purchase will be managed by the Organizer in accordance with the Law on Data Protection. The provisions related to data protection concerning ticket purchasing and entering stadiums are contained in a separate regulation, which can be viewed under the Privacy Policy menu. Personal data is automatically deleted from the system three working days after the ticket has become valid.


The organiser of the given event is entitled to offer discounts on the price of the event’s tickets in addition to deciding upon the formation of the different discount tickets. Always ensure before payment that you are purchasing tickets at the desired price as after the purchase there is no possibility to redeem the tickets or subsequently claim a reduction. Please note that the organiser may verify your entitlement to the given discount and will deny entry to those who are taking advantage of a discount without entitlement to do so.

Information on purchasing tickets with a Club card/Football card

Club cards for any* club in the system, the Football card issued by the MLSZ, the Fradi-card issued by Ferencvárosi TC or Debrecen’s Nagyerdei Stadion Card may be used for purchasing tickets.


Ferencvárosi TC (FTC) and the Nagyerdei Stadion (DVSC TEVA) operate individual club card systems that differ from the MLSZ system and are connected to the MLSZ system through an interface. Ferencvárosi TC and Nagyerdei Stadion (DVSC) operate their own ticketing systems separate from the MLSZ. Because the systems are integrated it is possible to use the different club cards in the different ticket systems for purchasing tickets, albeit the management of the club cards may differ in each system.

More information about the club card and Football card can be found at the site. For information on the Ferencvárosi TC club card (Fradi-card) please go to For information on the Nagyerdei Stadium card (DVSC) please go to

Purchasing of tickets with a club card, including all the above forms of card, may be done at the stadium ticket offices, online at, as well as nationwide at the partner offices of Ticket Express (office finder:


  • Home supporters may purchase tickets for Ferencvárosi TC home matches at the webpage using their Fradi card. Tickets for the away supporters’ sector can be purchased at the webpage.
  • Home supporters may purchase tickets for DVSC home matches at the webpage using their Nagyerdei Stadium card. Tickets for the away supporters’ sector can be purchased at the webpage.

When purchasing tickets you need to give your club card number as well as its PIN code. The club card number is the barcode characters which are printed on the card and comprise a club prefix followed by several numbers, for example, MLSZ1234567 or MEZ2345678. For the Nagyerdei Stadium card, the prefix is NS so an example card number could be NS123456789. For the Fradi card, the card number is visible on the left-hand side (as shown in the diagram below), whereas on the ticket purchasing page the letters FTC must be entered, without spaces, before the card number.

Teszt kártya

Fradi card holders should enter the letters FTC without spaces as the prefix before the card number

Club cards have PIN codes which are comprised by default in the system from the given date of birth details (month and day). For example, if you were born on 8th August your PIN code will be 0808. You can change your PIN code (with the exception of the Fradi card and Nagyerdei stadium card) at the webpage. We recommend that you change your original PIN code. Fradi card and Debrecen Nagyerdei stadium card holders should contact their card issuer about changing their PIN codes.

When purchasing tickets, enter your club card number and PIN code, and then click on the Check button. Check whether the appearing name and date of birth are correct or not. Personal data will be printed on the ticket and your identity may be checked when entering the stadium.

When purchasing tickets, the system only accepts valid club cards.

You cannot use one club card more than once for a given match.

Types of sector restrictions

It is the Organiser’s right to decide whether a club card is mandatory or not – or to decide upon other restrictions or not – for any stadium sector. The restrictions may be as follows:

  • Club card is mandatory: all club cards, as well as the Football card are accepted for this sector
  • Home club card is mandatory: only club cards of the home (organising) club are accepted for this sector
  • Visiting club card is mandatory: only club cards of the visiting club are accepted for this sector
  • MLSZ Football card is mandatory: only the MLSZ Football card is accepted for this sector
  • Non home-club card is mandatory: any club card except from those of the home (organising) club are accepted for this sector
  • Non visiting-club card is mandatory: any club card except from those of the visiting club are accepted for this sector
  • Club card is mandatory, only from stated clubs: only cards of clubs defined by the Organiser are accepted for this sector
  • Purchase code is mandatory: you may only purchase tickets for this sector if you give the correct code; e.g. for use in the press tribune.

Stadium addresses and stadium plans

Balmazújvárosi Városi Stadion – 4060 Balmazújváros, Sporttér út 5-7.

Stadion kép

Békéscsaba 1912 Előre (Kórház utcai Stadion) – 5600 Békéscsaba, Kórház u. 6.

Stadion kép

Budapest Honvéd FC (Bozsik Stadion) – 1194 Budapest, Puskás Ferenc utca 1-3. - The home matches of the club are currently played at the Új Hidegkúti Nándor Stadion

DVTK (Diósgyőri Stadion) – 3525 Miskolc, Andrássy Gyula u. 61.

Stadion kép

Ferencvárosi TC (Groupama Aréna) – 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 129.

Stadion kép

Gyirmót FC Győr (Gyirmóti Alcufer Stadion) – 9019 Győr, Ménfő u. 59.

Stadion kép

Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC (Mezőkövesdi Stadion) – 3400 Mezőkövesd, Széchenyi u. 9.

Stadion kép

MTK Budapest (Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion) - 1087 Budapest, Salgótarjáni út 12-14.

Stadion kép

PAKSI FC (Paksi FC Stadion) – 7030 Paks, Fehérvári út 29.

Stadion kép

Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC (Nyíregyházi Városi Stadion) - 4400 Nyíregyháza, Sóstói út 24.

Stadion kép

PMFC-MATIAS (Pécsi MFC Stadion) – 7633 Pécs, Stadion u. 2.

Stadion kép

Puskás Akadémia FC (Pancho Aréna) – 8086 Felcsút, Fő utca 176.

Stadion kép

Swietelsky-Soproni VSE (Soproni Városi Stadion) – 9400 Sopron, Káposztás utca 4.

Stadion kép

Szombathelyi Swietelsky-Haladás - 9700 Szombathely, Rohonci út 3.

Stadion kép

Újpest FC (Szusza Ferenc Stadion) - 1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 13. - The home matches of the club are currently played at the Illovszky Rudolf Stadion

Vasas FC (Illovszky Rudolf Stadion) - 1139 Budapest, Fáy u. 58.

Stadion kép

MOL Fehérvár FC(Mol Aréna Sóstó) – 8000 Székesfehérvár, Csíkvári út 10.

Stadion kép

ZTE FC (ZTE Aréna) – 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Október 6. tér 16.

Stadion kép

Contact details, telephone and internet customer service

Our Customer Service contact details can be found under the Contact menu.

In the event of a match being postponed or abandoned, please contact the Customer Service of the match organiser.

Operator: Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség (Hungarian Football Federation)
Registered seat: 1112 Budapest, Kánai út 2/D.
Tax number: 19020848-2-43
E-mail address:
Telephone: +36 1 577 9500
Fax: +36 1 577 9503, +36 1 577 9504
Postal address: 1386 Budapest 62. Pf. 906/1

Thank you for reading this notice.

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